Our Specials

4×18 x 350 sheet 2ply super R 275.00

12×4 x 350 sheet 2 ply super R 200.00

2×24 x 350 sheet 2ply super R 200.00

8×9 x 350 sheet 2ply super R 275.00

4×18 x 300 sheet 2ply super R 250.00

12×4 x 300 sheet 2 ply super R180.00

2×24 x 300 sheet 2ply super R180.00

8×9 x 300 sheet 2ply super R250.00

About Us

Paper Junction SA represents a team of goal driven motivated staff. We have been producing quality toilet rolls and meeting client’s expectations since 2006. Our goals are to provide quality products that meet the consumer’s needs and satisfaction, products that will allow us to become nationally accomplished and expand to international markets.

We have steadily grown over the past 10 years and expect to continue growing our business. We have skilled staff that manufacture toilet rolls which are wholesaled countrywide and we aspire to export internationally as well. We have the necessary equipment, which we have continuously renewed and improved over the years to facilitate growing orders and quality management.


We have successfully been able to service all of our clients in a short turn- around time, with both big and small orders. Starting out from nominal resources, our aspirations are, and always have been providing customers with value that exceed their expectations. Our core values are putting customers at the centre of what we do as we build our future on a family run business foundation.

For Quality Products & The Best Prices

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We export all our products to all african countries

we have an increasing demand in African countries for all of our products and therefore we are constantly improving and expanding our export standards to meet expectations of international clients.

all our products are readily available for export.

Our product range includes :

  • Jumbo tissue reels / Craft paper reels (Virgin & Recycled)
  • Bathroom Tissue (Virgin & Recycled)
  • Assorted tissue products
  • Tidy and paper wipes
  • Serviettes
  • Adult Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Linen Savers
  • Green bar soap
  • Crockery, and household items.

Our main objective here at Paper Junction is to provide a service which is fast, efficient and reliable with a product quality that is convenient and satisfactory.

We consider our customers to be the centre of everything we do. We base our service and products on the individual customer requirements.This is reflected in our company’s vision and values.While our vision defines our destination, our core values serves as a foundation guiding our actions for the benefit of all our associates.